Adele Molten Bracelet


A sublimely tactile and satisfyingly weighty bracelet formed from individual molten silver links.  Each link is created by heating pieces of sterling silver until they glow bright red and come alive as bright shiny liquid silver.  They are then carefully coaxed into circles where the ends reach out and join together.  Once cooled they are sanded smooth and then cut and rejoined to form the chain and finally polished to a high shine. 

Each link is different to the next, it decides itself which form to take.  Such is the magic and glory of molten metal.  Therefore these bracelets are always unique. 

This bracelet was a commission and I am happy to make this to order to exact lengths and also with finer weighted links.  It can be made in sterling silver, gold and rose gold.  Your piece will be completely unique.

Before purchasing:  All of my pieces are made by hand by me.  I do have some items in stock, however if I need to make a piece especially for you, please allow two weeks making time before shipping.  I will let you know if there is a wait time as soon as you purchase or you may email me.