Picual Large Leaf + Olive necklace


An olive and a leaf from the same tree.  Each compelling, worn on it's own, but together they become a complete and mesmorising pair.  Wearing this piece provokes a feeling of absolute luxury.

The single lustrous olive nests within the long graceful curve of a leaf with delicately curved highly polished edges, each piece reflecting light from its gleaming surfaces.

The inside beautifully captures the intricate detail and texture of the leaves while the reverse has been carefully hand-polished to a high shine.  As the leaf curls in on itself the smooth and gleaming edge of the reverse is revealed, creating a beautiful contrast.

The simple, yet elegant olive has a satisfying weight and bright smooth shine which makes it a pleasure to wear and caress.

This olive and leaf have been individually cast using the 'lost wax' technique, carefully hand-polished to a high shine.

They began their life on a Picual olive tree on a hillside in the island paradise of Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  The Picual olives get their name from the Spanish root 'pico' meaning 'peak' which refers to their unique slightly pointed tips, much like a tear drop. 

This magical piece can be made in sterling silver, 9kt gold, 14kt gold and rose gold. Please get in touch for gold pricing.

Note: The photos show the leave and olive both together and individually so you can see the detail of each.  You will receive the olive and the leaf.

Leaf measures 48mm.

Olive measures 10mm and is 20mm total including stalk and ring.

Before purchasing:  All of my pieces are made by hand by me.  I do have some items in stock, however if I need to make a piece especially for you, please allow two weeks making time before shipping.  I will let you know if there is a wait time as soon as you purchase or you may email me.