Hello, I'm Helen!

I live on Waiheke Island, Auckland in New Zealand.  I'm a jeweller, a mother to two creative and lively girls, a wife to a surfer, a personal trainer, and a lover of making many things, especially jewellery.

My workshop, and creative sanctuary, is at the bottom of my garden and is frequented by our lazy Burmese Cat La La. It is a place where time slips by unnoticed, where birdsong is punctuated by my own much less singsong creative noises of hammering, sawing and drilling and where La La dreams in the sun.

Making jewellery is squeezed in between making school lunches and making walkable paths through toy cities. It is a few sublime and precious hours in a week just for me.

My passion for making jewellery began when my youngest daughter was two years old and I took my first jewellery making class. Thursdays became a blessed day in which I was lost in the bliss of creative immersion; learning entirely new skills, working with my hands and unravelling the mysteries of metal-smithing.

From the moment I soldered my first copper ring I felt like I had come home.

Photo of Helen Gittus jeweller
Photo of handmade long dangle earrings made in oxdised sterling silver with pearls

My Process

I am drawn to fresh contemporary lines and the magnificent angles of Art Deco and yet I am often inspired by the organic shapes and textures of nature.

I create all my pieces from the ground up: a sheet of sterling silver, or gold, a length of precious wire or simply a leaf or an acorn hat.

I love flowers. I love bugs. I love leaves. I love textures. I love movement. I love shapes and angles and I adore molten metal.

I'm addicted to the sheer magnificence of molten silver or gold as it becomes a glorious glowing liquid creature that is pure magic and beauty to behold.

I make everything with conscious thought and care. I am careful to be as ethical as possible when choosing my materials and with my waste. I recycle everything I can. It is hugely important to me to use recyclable, recycled or sustainable packaging.

I truly hope you love the piece you choose for yourself or a lucky loved one, as much as I have loved making it.

I am always available to answer any questions or to hear any comments you may have.

Please feel welcome to get in touch.

Love Helen x